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In this era of continuous
disruption, any corporation can go from relevant to irrelevant—as well as from
irrelevant to relevant—faster than at any other time in history. The COVID-19
pandemic has only exacerbated the situation.

With that in mind, we interviewed dozens of CEOs
and directors of public boards—including Amazon, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Brands, and
Morgan Stanley—to ascertain the human capital data and information they find
most valuable in executing their roles and to gain their perspectives on how
companies should leverage workforce and culture metrics in the future in order
to better govern.

Collectively, their concerns focused on risk and
readiness related to executing their evolving business strategies, as well as
capitalizing on market opportunities. That’s nothing new.

What is new is their emphasis on organizational
culture and capability as critical components of the business value equation,
as well as the metrics, insights, and strategies that will help illuminate and
optimize both.

Download our
newest white paper
(available exclusively to i4cp members), Measuring and
Managing the New Corporate Currency
, to learn more about what is fueling
this emphasis and explore the delicate composite of purpose, culture, and

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